RJS Sponsors

The following are in addition to our Corporate Sponsors.

Sharon Sanders Family Memorial, Peter Champagne & Betty Spakowski, Mike & Pam Daly, Earle & Sharie Argue.
Friends of the Saskatchewan Suite:  Kathleen Antrobus, Fred Ballantyne, Idella Barr, Rosanne Inch, Laurie Menzies, Enid Peck, Sheila Scrivener, Dan & Sharon Sprott and two anonymous donors,
Additional donations can still be acknowledged and accepted for the upcoming CD & DVD release in early 2021 to the Regina Jazz Society, and which are eligible for an official tax receipt.  Acknowledgement will also be on the website and in newsletters.



Our sponsors come from both the public and private sectors – government and industry. Below we would like to recognize their contributions to us by letting you know who our current sponsors are.