New Jazz Regina Website Announced

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website, supplied by Regina Web Design group Command Base Creative Design inc. Corbin & Andy provided us with a superb new responsive websites. Some features include:

  • Responsive website, allowing users to view / book / explore on all devices
  • An event calendar, that allows us to showcase upcoming events
  • A superb events section that allows us to share artist youtube videos, links to artists on itunes
  • Ticket booking system – our new paypal integrated booking system allows users to pay for tickets to events and receive booking confirmation immediately
  • Our membership section has been revamped, allowing users to sign up to recurring membership fees which renew automatically each year
  • A superb new photo gallery has been added where we’ll be showcasing artist events, past Jazz Fest images, and more.
  • Our sponsor page and sponsor signup has been rebuilt from the ground up!
  • The entire website was redesigned allowing for a more updated and continuous look & feel.

We’re looking forward to where this new website will take us in the future.